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Orali is the exclusive range of natural perfumes produced by artisan perfumer Elena Bensonoff.

Inspired to create perfumes that conveyed the essence of femininity, sensuality and love, Orali combines pure botanicals with luxurious quality and gorgeous presentation. 

Perfumes have been used throughout history to uplift, seduce, arouse and connect.  From Cleopatra to Louis XIV, from the Ancient Aztecs to the forward thinking artists of the Renaissance, perfume has always held a sacred place in our hearts.

Our sense of smell is directly connected to our brain and has a profound effect on our whole being. Scent can make us feel calm, energized, romantic or sensual. In an instant, a scent can transport us to a distant place or bring on a flood of memories. 

However we live in a world that is mostly synthetic fragrances. These chemical replicas do not have the same effect as the natural essences. They are also often toxic. They can be found in our shampoos, soaps, in our make-up and skin care products. As any substance applied topically is transferred to the bloodstream, so the impact on our health is very real.

When I discovered that many perfumes also hide synthetic and toxic ingredients, I made it my mission to create a pure and natural perfume; one that would celebrate and reawaken our femininity while remaining true to the essence of nature.  Thus, Orali was born....


Essences straight from nature, combining luxurious quality with heavenly scents.  
Every ingredient is organic, pure and unmanufactured.  
Each perfume is handcrafted and created with care.  
Each scent is an individual expression of the divine.  


Aromatherapy has always been used in sacred rituals....

Scent, our most primal sense, means that perfume is the perfect tool to heighten intuition, honor your inner divine and connect to spirit. Orali perfumes will help you cultivate compassion, openness and self-love. 

Anoint your wrists, neck and décolletage to add dazzle to a night out.
Dab your temples before meditation to clear and calm the mind.
Get lost in the heady bouquet as you surround yourself in a miasma of sensuality. 

The Orali perfume can be used to connect with your unique essence. So often forgotten in our busy lives, this reconnecting brings a deeper awareness, truth and authenticity to everything you do. 


Many of the plants used to create the unique combinations are uncommon, it can take months to devise a perfect blend. Likened to boutique wine making, creating an artisan perfume is a practice of patience and dedication. 

The process of perfumery draws on the ancient art of alchemy: combining nature, science and intuition.

I source botanicals from all over the globe  Each perfume is hand-crafted in micro-batches, with much time and care given to the curing, filter and purifying processes.  


Perfume is made according to an age old tradition which recognizes 3 distinct notes that make up a complete and describe how we experience it.  These are scents that are detected in order upon the application of a perfume. There is -

Top Note – first impressions – this is when we are first lured in to an aroma. The lightest and the first to assert itself the top note quickly transitions to the Heart Note.

Heart Note – next appears in our olfactory register as the top note fades. Lasting longer, the middle note is a well rounded and smooth scent that combines well with the soon to arrive Base Note.

Base Note – the final note to appear and one that blends with the heart note to create a full bodes fragrance. The richness of the base means it remains for longest.


Each of the notes are carefully combined; the presence of one note may alter the perception of another; and each must complement and harmonize with its fellow notes to create the desired end result.

I draw on my scientific background and spiritual practices in the composition of each perfume, to ensure each of the notes complement and enhance one another.  

This is where the true craftsmanship of perfumery comes in. Using my intuition and healing skills I try to bring a therapeutic energy to each blend. The result is rare and unique aromas that have a direct connection to our subconscious and a profound effect upon our hearts. 


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