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Chocolate Body Elixir

Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Cocoa Absolute, and Blood Orange Essential Oil.

Pamper your skin; connect with sensuality.

The aphrodisiac of the cacao absolute uplifts and arouses, leaving your skin gently hydrated and divinely pampered. Blood orange and Jojoba oils combine to create a nourishing tonic.

Shimmer with inner radiance as the rich elixir evokes timeless memories of rituals of feminine worship.  

Anoint your face, your body, your hair… Relish the youth-giving properties as you connect to your inner goddess. Enjoy the aroma and natural wonder of an elixir so pure you can eat it. 

Arising from sensuality.  Attaining connection.  

100ml $95

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Albisia Elixir

Ingredients: Mimosa Essential Oil and Blood Orange Essential Oil in Fractionated Coconut Oil base.

Created from a beautiful collaboration with Albisia, a hand-crafted jewelry store in Tampa, Florida. This light, radiant fragrance of mimosa and blood orange essential oils uplifts the spirit, reduces fears, and provides a relaxing yet invigorating energy that embodies Albisia perfectly.

100ml bottle $95

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