Wholistic Orali Perfume Millefleur

Wholistic Orali Perfume Millefleur


Top Notes: Blood Orange, Mimosa, Vanillin
Heart Notes: Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol, Strawberry, Honey Absolute
Base Notes: Benzoin, Benzyl Benzoate

Inhale…..Embark on an Alluring Journey to a Golden Flower meadow, surrounded by Orange Orchard trees.

Notice the bumble bees dancing their beautiful, mesmerizing dance from one flower to the next. The warm sunshine is kissing and caressing your face and body. You are slowly submerging and becoming one with the surroundings. Your breath captures the essence of thousands of mimosa flowers, oranges, and the warm and smooth fragrance of honey. You are now deeply connected to the soft and crystalline feminine essence. Your Light is Amplified and Radiating from within.

Radiate Your Beautiful Light!

30ml bottle $185

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