A poem written for me by my beautiful friend, Luda.


The magic, entwined, and balanced existence

Exudes from the slumber and flows through the earth

The Feminine power at large with persistence

Emerges, transpires, unfolds through rebirth.

Not steps, strides or leaps, but defying all gravity

Intergalactic ethereal flight

Of love, peaceful healing and gentle tranquility

Embraces all souls and infuses with light

The flow of creation, sheds light on discovery

Awakens the womanhood; lets all feel free

Releases all blocks and embraces the harmony

Instills love in beings, the way it should be

United, empowered and self manifested

Connected to universe, heaven and earth

Inspired with notion of passing it forward

Divine is Feminine, set Thenceforth!

Elena Bensonoff