Mindfulness Made Easy
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Mindfulness Made Easy

The simplest, most powerful method to connect with your inner self and manifest your full spiritual and emotional being, even if you have tried other spiritual practices before and failed.

Those who live a mindful life enjoy twice as much happiness at home, satisfaction at work and more joy in general. Unfortunately few know how to practice mindfulness properly. You may have tried meditation and found it frustrating. You may have attended other workshops but did not get any practical tools. Maybe you use meditation now, but you know there is so much more of your inner world you could access.

If you find yourself feeling disconnected or frustrated, if you know there is so much more to life, this is the workshop for you.

In this unique exclusive full-day workshop, esteemed mindfulness practitioners Elena and Gurum will guide participants though powerful process. You will discover how to release blocks that have held you back in the past. Your guides will show you the path that allows you to fully embrace your untapped potentials so that you can live your life fully, enjoying the full potential your spiritual being has to offer. 

What is in store: In this full day workshop you will learn techniques to bring spirituality into the everyday and discover the ability to connect with your true inner self, no matter the situation. 

This is an interactive workshop. You will get the theory as well as hands on experience. Each participants will have the opportunity to practice the techniques on the day and will have time with qualified guides to go though your individual process of transformation. 

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