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An individualized perfume is the perfect instrument to reflect your true nature. 

You are unique; why not have a scent that perfectly expresses your personality and inner being? 

Let me create a custom-made perfume blend just for you. Using my intuition and an intimate knowledge of the natural perfumes, an individualized scent is created that will reflect your true nature and will help you to develop the qualities you wish to cultivate. 

Perfume can be used as a tool for healing, to deepen spiritual practice or to express your aspirations. Tuning into the metaphysical plane, I allow the essence of the scent to guide me in tailoring your bespoke creation.

Perfume can be a powerful tool for change. These are some of the ways you can use your custom-made blend:

  • To deepen your connection to spirit
  • To evoke a state of emotional well being
  • To attract love and your deepest desire
  • To pay homage to your inner goddess
  • To increase self awareness
  • To enhance your psychic abilities
  • To open and balance your chakras 

Why Perfume? 

Natural perfumes have therapeutic qualities that not only reflect your true nature but can create well-being and bring about healing. The sense of smell is our most primal sense, and is the ideal catalyst for accessing higher states and harmonizing the elements of the body. 

Using the ancient art of alchemy, I use my unique skills as an artisan perfumer to create your personalized piece of magic.

Custom Perfume Consultations 


Let's create an individualized scent that is a unique expression of you. Your personalized blend is a custom made reflection of your true nature, aspirations and desires.  Contact me to set up your consultation.

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