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Founder of Orali Natural Perfumes, Elena Bensonoff

As a Healer & Intuitive practitioner, I believe a natural, chemical-free life is our birthright. Knowing what is in both the food we eat and what we put on our skin, is vital for a holistic, healthy lifestyle.

But it can be a challenge to find chemical-free fragrances in a luxury brand. For years I have searched for a truly natural perfume, one that I could enjoy and use with peace of mind, confident in its purity. 

“My sense of smell is highly developed, so I can immediately tell if a fragrance has artificial ingredients.”

Over and over again, I found the major brands which claimed to be ‘all natural’, had hidden synthetics in them. Unable to find a truly natural perfume, I decided create one myself. Thus began the journey into the magical world of perfumery. My background as a consultant pharmacist positioned me ideally for this endeavor.  I enrolled to train as an artisan perfumer under the legendary perfumer Mandy Aftel. 

I applied my knowledge of holistic living and intuitive healing with the unique skills needed for perfume creation. Using only the finest, and purest botanicals from all around the world, collecting rare and difficult to find ingredients, I have worked to develop scents that were what they claimed to be: all natural.

The result was the divine luxury perfume range Orali.


"Perfume making is as much an art as a science. Developing a harmonious blend is a journey of alchemy and magic. I draw on my intuition, tuning into the vibration of a plant.  It’s like I am communing with Mother Nature; with the essence of each plant”


Scent is the most primal sense. Connecting to spirit though our sense of smell is a powerful way to unite body and soul and to celebrate our spirituality. This is the real gift of the Orali perfumes.

Because synthetic scents don’t have the same effect on our bodies or brains that natural scents do, that innate power is lost. Artificial ingredients also age and damage the skin. Correctly made a truly natural perfume can be a healing and nourishing part of your daily self-care routine.

I draw much of my inspiration for this process from my work with reconnecting women with their femininity and the goddess within. Passionate about living a life of freedom and truth, in my practice, I work to empower others to embrace their authenticity.  My website is a reflection of the deep spiritual work that I'm so passionate about. The Orali perfumes are a natural extension of this spiritual work.  Bringing luxury and integrity to the sacred alchemy of perfumery is both a privilege and an honor.


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